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Enhance Your Work with Imrprov!

Preparing the Family for Succession

Let's Get Together

What If the Successor Isn't Working Out?

Don't Try This Without a Professional!

Lessons for Family Businesses: Co-leadership

Action Research: A Model for Family Business Consulting

Two Tips and a Challenge PDF Document

What Really Makes the Difference? PDF Document

Family Businesses Have Traits to Survive (Providence Business Journal)

Choosing the Right Advisor for Your Family Business:
Make Sure you Ask These Questions!

Itís Not Too Late for Your New Yearís Resolutions:
5 Essential Components in a Successful Family Business

Developing Leadership and Choosing Successors
in Family Business

Raising Healthy Wealthy Kids: Improving Your Chances

Tips for Developing a Succession Process

Advice to Copreneurs: Don't Avoid Conflict...Just Keep it Simple

Strategic Planning for Family Business

What if Disaster Hits Your Company?

Clarification of Roles and Boundaries Especially Crucial, When Client is a Family Business

Book Review - The Wisdom of Crowds: Why the many are smarter than the few and how collective wisdom shapes business, economies, societies, and nations

Book Review - Managing for the Long Run: Lesson in Competitive Advantage from Great Family Businesses

Consultation to the Workplace: Thoughts for Family Therapists

Family Meetings: The Dangers of False Consensus

Learning from Complexity Theory: Is Strategic Planning Obsolete? PDF Document

Managing Conflict Creatively in Family Business - Keys to Success

Solutions for Family Business Problems: Five Questions to Ask

Strengths and Weaknesses of Family Businesses

Stress Management Works: New Ideas For the Age-Old Problem of Stress!

What's Unique About Family Business Consulting?

Your Turn: Good Fences Make Good Neighbors


Family Business Magazine
Helping family company stakeholders make informed decisions about managing their own businesses and families.

Family Firm Institute
International professional membership organization providing education and networking opportunities for family business advisors, consultants, educators and researchers in the family business field.

Institute for Family-Owned Businesses, Portland Maine
Dedicated to supporting and strengthening the approximately 80% of businesses that are owned, operated and cherished by two or more members of the same family.

Northeastern University Center for Family Owned Businesses
A membership organization that provides education, networking opportunities, and support to business families.

UMass Family Business Center
150+ free articles, plus "Dear Ira: Fresh Air and Cold Water for the Perplexed Business Family" to help Treat Your Business Like a Business and Your Family Like a Family.

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A Comparison of Family and Business systems

Role of the Family Business Consultant

Systems of a Family Business






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